My friends and coworkers consistently saying "Lindsey, you are always doing cool, random stuff - You should start a blog"! That, coupled with my mother consistently asking me to send her photos of all my adventures, prompted me to take the plunge.

Although I'm not a true nomad, my need to explore, live life to the fullest and connect with people all over the world is consistently on my mind - voila! the name Seven Day Weekender was born!

I've always had the problem of sitting still - from being the most fidgety child, or an adult who starts to get anxious when I've been in the same place for too long, I always need to be on the move.

Originally from the West Coast of the USA, and living in New York City for the past 5 years, I recently relocated back to roots of the Pacific Northwest. In 2016 I decided to take the blogging plunge and haven't looked back since. A Graphic Designer by trade and Digital Marketer by profession, I live to create content in the hopes it inspires others. 

Over the past year and a half SDW has gone through a few iterations and now I can say I have finally found my (blogging) self! From staycations, to traveling, to eating all the food and drinking all the drinks, and everything in between come along with me (and all the pretty pictures) on this ride we call life! 



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