It all started when...

My friends, family and coworkers kept saying "Lindsey, you are always doing cool, random stuff. You should start a blog"! That, coupled with my mother consistently asking me to send her photos of all my adventures, prompted me to take the plunge.

Although I'm not a true nomad, my need to explore and experience things runs deep - and that's where my name Seven Day Weekender came from. 

Originally from the West Coast of the U.S., I’m currently based in New York City working as a Graphic Designer in the fashion industry. With a full-time office job it's pretty much impossible to be jet-setting across the globe on a consistent basis; so while I wait for coveted trips to arrive I try to view my home base as the travel destination that it is. 

This site is a place for me to share my thoughts in an effort to inspire others, provide useful information and recommendations, and share my adventures from some of the best places around. 

I hope you enjoy my adventures as much as I do - and if you have any questions, comments or feedback don't hesitate to reach out at