You know that feeling when you are trying to book accommodations and all of the good (non-sketchy looking) Airbnbs are taken, and the hotels in your price range don’t have availability? What do you do? Don’t panic! Have you ever thought about luxury, temporary housing?

Yes, this is a thing. No, it’s not just for business people. Yes, it’s affordable. And even bigger bonus, you can have all of the comforts of being at home with all the amazing amenities of a 4-star hotel (minus the room-service bit).

I had never even looked into this option until I was planning out a weekend in Philly – and to be quite frank I didn’t even know it was an option. But now I am all about it!



Started by a father-daughter team this Philadelphia based company is technically another temporary housing provider, but they are so much more than that, and really what the market needs.

First off, you can tell they are 100% dedicated to the lifestyle Philly has to offer, to residents, long term guests and short term guests. Having a great time in Philly isn’t only reserved for the natives.

Secondly, the experience they offer across their properties is the perfect combination of luxury amenities and a local resident experience. The apartments are fully furnished, are located in the best neighborhoods, and have a multitude of benefits that almost make you never want to leave the building – even though you should.

Thirdly, they recognize that Philly has a deeply rooted history and rich culture which spans into the entertainment, art and cuisine of the city.


I have experienced some truly great customer service in some of the places I’ve stayed but the team at Cook City Suites could not have been more friendly or accommodating. From working with my bus schedule (which got me into the city earlier than a normal person would check in), to meeting me in the lobby of the building to show me around both my apartment and the building, they wanted to make sure everything was tip-top shape.


And not only that, the team was more than available to answer any additional questions I had about the building or what I could do in Philly during the duration of my stay.

TIP TO NOTE: When you check in they are also more than willing to give you a quick tour of your neighborhood, and will give you coupons to try out some local restaurants. #ServiceOnService people!


Spanning across Center City, Rittenhouse Square, Logan Square, Midtown Village and the Philly Art Museum Area you can find a building which best fits your needs. And don’t worry about the quality of one place over another, they are all equally comparable and will exceed all your expectations.

As soon as I walked up to my building (Griffith Center City) I knew I was going to be blown away. The lobby was sleek and everything from the elevator, to my apartment door, to the doors to access the other amenities were all able to open via a key fob.


Once I entered my unit I immediately had apartment FOMO, and slightly wished I didn’t live in a city as expensive at NYC so that I could actually afford something like this.

Everything was super modern and chic, from the stainless steel appliances, to the bar counter with upscale bar stools, to the large flat screen TVs in the main room and bedroom, to the oversized shower, to the super comfy queen-sized bed, to the framed art done by a local artist which added color to every room. The apartment was nothing but impeccably designed.

Each unit features art by a local artist! Mine was done by  Jessica Eldredge .

Each unit features art by a local artist! Mine was done by Jessica Eldredge.

The bedroom, and more specifically the bed, was definitely luxurious as you could lay down and relax on premium pillows and micro-fiber sheets all covered by a deluxe comforter.


You don’t need to worry about leaving your clothes all haphazardly in your suitcase as there is a spacious closet for you to use and even a chest of drawers!

Worrying about bringing toiletries is something you can check off the list as Cook City Suites has got you covered. Not only was the shower surprisingly large, but there are bath and hand towels waiting for you. Don’t fret if you forgot your shampoo, because they have provided you with a cute little cosmetic bag of shampoo, conditioner, lotion, etc. and a hair dryer for all of the ladies.



Even though I had plans to go out and eat the gourmet kitchen was one that I could definitely whip up awesome meals in – and the next time I go back to Philly I would love to experience another property and put the kitchen to good use!


Everything you could possibly need and want was included: dinnerware, glassware, flatware, cutlery, wine glasses and an opener, placemats, linens, steak knives, serving pieces, pitchers, dish towels, microwave, coffee maker, toaster, a cookware set, baking dishes & measuring cups, and mixing bowls. I mean do you even have all of that in your own apartment?


Not only do their suites (in my case a 1 bedroom apartment) include luxury furnishings, housewares and all your linens (from the bedroom to the bathroom), but they also have a huge cable TV selection, uber fast Wi-Fi throughout the entire unit, and phone service (which allow you to also make long distance calls)! And that is just the apartment!

If you have a furry friend, Cook City is more than happy to welcome your pets. And bonus, some of their properties even have dog runs!


But now let’s get to the good stuff….the building amenities!

I stayed at Griffin Center City which had so many amenities it made me not want to go out and explore – especially since the weather was less than ideal my first day.

Outside of the awesome unit there was a business lounge and fitness center on the 4th floor which had computers and printers available, as well as a room if you needed to make private calls or have a little meeting and a chill area next to the coffee machine (which was unlimited any time of day). Sorry Starbucks!

Up on the roof (which has always been my dream to have an awesome roof deck) were a bunch of lounging chairs, an outdoor kitchenette and barbecues and even a fire pit. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t conducive to using the fire pit otherwise I would have been all over that in the evening. But even though I couldn’t use the fire pit I did appreciate the panoramic views of the city.


Just off of the roof deck was the rooftop clubroom, and let me just say this is where you really experience luxury living. Wi-Fi is offered throughout the clubroom, and there is another kitchen area that is just off of the lounging area with an oversized flat screen TV. Towards the back of the clubroom is a billiard table, a shuffleboard table, and even a golf simulator room. It’s the perfect place to have your friends over, and a welcome way to spend those chilly winter days.



If you are still questioning whether or not staying in luxury, temporary housing is for you my answer to that is to just try it! You never know until you actually experience something.

Think of this like Airbnb, but with extra personality and extra amenities.

You can find more information about Cook City Suites’ available apartments on their site HERE. When you are ready to book your stay just reach out to them and they can work with you on your needs, timing and rates.  

BIG thank you to Sara from Cook City Suites for setting me up with this apartment! I can’t wait to come back to Philly and experience another property!

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