Affordable Spa Day at NYC's BioXage

When you think of New York City inexpensive is not a word that usually comes to mind, especially when it relates to beauty services. Luckily the internet gods invented Groupon! I've been a fan of the discount site for years, but I will also fully admit sometimes the locations for the deals turn out to be duds. 

This Sunday Funday I thought I would test out a couple local beauty deals at the BioXage Spa in Midtown Manhattan (near Grand Central). For half of the normal price (if I had booked through BioXage) I was able to get a full 60 minute Swedish Massage and mani/pedi. 

Before I get into the specific details let's start with the spa.


When you walk into BioXage you're immediately greeted with perfectly curated shabby chic decor in whites, nudes, and metallics. You feel as though you've walked into someone's home that was recently featured in Architectural Digest with all of the crystal, Victorian furniture, and soft lighting. 

Service is a top priority at BioXage as they will offer you water as soon as you check in and seat you on one of the large, fluffy couches in the back of the spa to fill out your release forms. It's recommended you arrive 10-15 minutes before your appointment to fill the forms out.


After completing your forms your masseuse almost immediately takes you back into your assigned massage room. Complete with plush tables, dim lighting, pleasing chocolate brown furnishings and soft mood music you immediately begin to relax.

I opted for the Swedish Massage as this is what I normally get when I treat myself to a massage. If this is your first time getting a massage, or you don't go that often (more on a "treat yo'self" basis like I do) then Swedish is the best place to start!

The Swedish is the foundation for many types of Western massage and promotes relaxation and tension release. It really depends on the masseuse but I will say prepare yourself that your Swedish massage could turn into a full-body with your glutes and inner thighs getting massaged. Full disclosure, this was something I was not prepared for and therefore I was slightly uncomfortable. 


Post massage I was brought back out into the waiting area and prepped for my mani/pedi. 

I was surprised that I was still the only other person in the entire place, and while I picked out my polish colors the woman at the front desk kindly offered me water and a complimentary glass of wine! I felt a little like Marie Antoinette - which is definitely a feeling I could get used to.


My manicurist was very professional and took her time to make sure my experience was not only enjoyable but that I came out with perfect nails. I had multiple rounds of foot soaking and even received a lavender scrub when I was only scheduled for a classic pedicure. Again, Marie Antoinette moment!

Once my toes were finished I was ushered over to the manicure station where I received the same precise treatment - multiple hand soakings and the best cuticle cut of my life. Seriously, I have never had someone go back over my hands three times to make sure the edges around my nails were perfect. 


When I sat down at the drying station I was offered another glass of complimentary wine! Another princess moment. This is when you know a place cares more about their customer's comfort rather than the profit they are pulling in. I was told not to rush, and once my nails were fully dry I could sit back down on the couches and finish enjoying my wine.


Overall my afternoon at BioXage was a great experience, and just what I was looking for after what seemed like the longest, and most stressful work week ever.

A few tips:

  • If you're uncomfortable with a male masseuse make sure you ask for a female technician when you make your appointment. I didn't do this and needless to say I wasn't as relaxed as I could have been.
  • Know that when you get a massage you will be expected to fully undress and get under the blanket on the table. If you do not feel comfortable taking your underwear off you are more than welcome to leave it on!
  • Make sure you have a frank discussion with your masseuse before they begin anything - what you like, what you don't like, and how much pressure is comfortable. It will make the entire experience so much more enjoyable. 
  • Wear clothes that are comfortable and easy to take on and off - no one wants to take a million years getting undressed for their massage, or have an impossible time pulling up their pant leg for a pedicure.
  • If you do go on a Groupon deal it's customary to tip on the full original amount, so make sure you look up the spa prices and tip on that total amount. 

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