What is the most random activity you can think of? Guaranteed whatever just came to your mind was not axe throwing. It’s a thing, a thing taking multiple cities by storm and for the Game of Thrones fanatic is the perfect way to kill an hour or two on the weekend. 

In Montréal on Rue Amherst in the Gay Village is a simple sign of a bearded man with axes. Walk through the door and you're surrounded by facial hair, plaid, wood and an abundance of axes. MTL has taken this unique activity and done it right with Rage.

Via  Rage

Via Rage

Many people don't know about the awesome activity that is axe throwing, and I'm a little surprised. When I tell people I am going to go throw axes for an hour, for fun, they immediately look at my tiny frame and girly appearance with a sort of 'deer in headlights' glaze.

Surprisingly it doesn’t take a lot of skill, just a little practice and the willingness to not take yourself too seriously. Yes, take the safety aspect seriously, but in general, you’re just throwing axes so just roll with it! From the moment you walk in and are greeted by the friendly bearded faces of the staff you know you are going to have a good time.

Once you sign your waiver, the staff is ready and willing to show you the tips of the trade, demonstrate all of the axe throwing techniques, and get your form in perfect shape. 

The space (or "playground" so to speak) is outfitted with 11 axe-throwing lanes for all your lumberjack or lumbersexual (is that still a thing?) training. Starting with the single sided axes you are given ample time to practice wielding both a smaller and medium sized axe.

Via  Rage

Via Rage

With an ever watchful eye, once the instructors see you've mastered these smaller axes they will then bring over a monster (at least it felt like it to me) and a double sided axe. A few more minutes of practice and you're ready to make your way through target practice.

If competition is your middle name the iPads at each station have three different games you can play with your companions. And take it from me nothing inspires you to perfect your throwing form than seeing a losing score. The ultimate pre-party activity for a bachelor/bachelorette, birthday or just plain old fun, a little healthy competition never hurt anyone. 

When you leave Rage you may have reached the ultimate peak of hipsterdom but that's ok. Don't forget to have your picture taken amongst the axes and wooden stumps. Jason Momoa eat your heart out... 

Sessions start at $40 per person and it’s best to book in advance. Rage is open every day: Monday 2 - 1030pm; Tuesday + Wednesday 5 - 1130pm; Thursday 2 - 1130pm; Friday + Saturday 10am - 1130pm; Sunday 12 - 1130pm.

Don't forget to save the pin below for future planning needs :)

BIG THANK YOU to Alex at Rage for making our session possible! See you on my next visit!