Travel Man Crush 2018

Last Spring, I gave you all a roundup of travel guys you must follow in 2017. I won’t lie, I took a very specific approach to that round up – which (hint hint) I’m doing again this year.

As I was scrolling through my feed, and the people I follow, and realized I still follow an insane amount of ladies. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I love me a good girl gang, but what about the fellas?! As today happens to appropriately be “Love Day” I thought it would be the perfect time to show my love and appreciation for more travel guys.

Let’s be real, the world has gotten weird over the past year. But the one thing that has gotten better is the amount of people taking off to see the world. Instagram should be used as an escape.

So with the help of the 10 guys below (travel guys you all should be following anyways), escape to places you haven’t been yet (and add them to your never ending bucket list).

It’s Valentine’s Day 2018, feed your wanderslut again and let the thirst continue…

You’re welcome.


Not only has he been traveling through the places I am dying to go to he knows how to mix up his feed with both gorgeous photos and videos. Leonardo’s appreciation for local life is evident in shots peppered throughout his feed and you can truly tell he cares not only about the world but the people in it. Plus, he speaks Italian and has facial hair. Win-win.  

Check out Leonardo's feed HERE

The blues, all of the blues. I think André may be part merman considering how often he is near some sort of body of water (pools included). Plus he knows how to rock a furry coat and a speedo – a man of many talents. In all seriousness though his feed makes me wish that I didn’t live in NY pretty much all of the time. So if you’re craving some vitamin sea André is your man.

Check out André's feed HERE

Drew came as a recommendation from a friend who told me I needed to follow his feed. After taking a look she couldn’t have been more right. He actually makes me miss my CA life. Not that I don’t miss the beach, but LA not so much. I love the deep, rich tones he has throughout all of his photos and his sunset shots are literally so on point. Plus, he went dogsledding in Alaska which is very high on my bucket list and gave me even more FOMO. Well done sir.

Check out Drew's feed HERE

Simply because he is based in both my home state and the state where I became an adult I believe Cory and I share a connection – even though that may sound creepy as we have never met haha. If you want to see all of the beauty of the West Coast captured in one feed he has got you covered. West Coasters are all about being outside and appreciating nature. As you scroll through not only do you realize he loves being outside he has a sense of humor while doing it. If his feed doesn’t make you hop on Hopper or Google Flights right this second to book your next trip West I don’t know what will.

Check out Cory's feed HERE



I’m obsessed with the colors in Maurizio’s feed. They are just so beautiful and also so calming. His Greece photos make me want to teleport right back over there, and his spa photos make me long for a “treat yourself” day. I love that you can tell he has an appreciation for architecture – which in reality is something we should all have when we travel. This is a big part of what makes up the places we visit and can make you walk around in a happy haze. How this dude has less than 2,000 I have no idea. So I’m shouting it from the rooftops – follow Maurizio!

Check out Maurizio's feed HERE

Not only does he have a cool name – just say it to yourself Trevor Morrow – he also has a pretty rocking feed. I love that he knows how to mix it up with beach and snow shots because let’s be honest not all of us have the privilege of being beach bound 24/7. When there is an item or product in his shots he knows how to compose them well, and he’s been on so many adventures that are also on my list. I also always appreciate a person who enjoys a good hike, so if you happen to be in LA seek this dude out.

Check out Trevor's feed HERE



One of the two people on this list I have had the pleasure of meeting in person. Giuseppe is another Italian who has a deep love of travel – and a deep current love of Miami. I admire is ability to capture photos of himself as he travels solo and his sense of wonderment at everything he sees and experiences in the US. Having met him on one of the coldest days in NY I probably won’t be seeing him anytime soon haha, but knowing I have a friend who is discovering all of the greatest parts of South Florida gives me motivation to visit. Plus he can make a mean pizza pie and we all know the way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach.

Check out Giuseppe's feed HERE



Another guy who is going to make you wish you were always traveling to tropical locations. Philipp is currently in a place I am dying to go to – the Philippines. He’s been able to successfully capture both himself and his gorgeous surroundings in most of his shots and from what I can tell has both a dome and a drone….jealousssss! I love the oranges in his sunset shots and the turquoises in his water shots, and I’m glad every once in a while he’ll just throw in a city shot. He needs to give me lessons in how to take the perfect backflip shot because his are just too good.

Check out Philipp's feed HERE

Here's another guy who has been able to take awesome portraits of locals during his travels. I also appreciate that there are multiple photos of him with food. He has been able to travel to some pretty awesome tropical locations but I also love that he mixes it up with city sections when he’s not off in SE Asia. A cool thing about his feed is the way he plays up the greens in his photos. A lot of the time you see people maximizing on the blues and oranges but he's been able to pull out the calming effect green has on a person. It immediately makes me wish I wasn’t based in NYC and was off exploring nature somewhere.

Check out Julius' feed HERE

And last but not least is a Montréal based photog that I have also been able to meet in person. I’ve never been to Bali but Nico's photos helped feed the need I have to go even more. Even though he may not be in a ton of his photos you can see the talent oozing out of his feed. I love that he is able to capture specific moments in each of his photos and that there is a story behind each one. I mean, we all have stories behind our photos but with his you can just tell by looking at them. The colors he captures are unreal and even better he is like the nicest person ever. Considering he lives in my favorite city on the planet I’m sure I will be seeing him again. N…à bientôt!

Check out Nicolas' feed HERE


Note: I take no responsibility for any stalking or thirstyness that results from this post. ;)