As much as I would love to put a million places on my travel list for 2018 I'm reeling myself in. So cheers to the new year and to new adventures! 


Yes, I have been here (multiple times) but as the place that stole my heart over a year ago it would be cruel to create a 2018 travel list without including at least one (probably more) trip back up to MTL.

**All of the Montréal photos below are my own**


In addition to the other goals I have set for myself this year (outside of traveling) I want to be able to use my weekends to see more of North America. I have been wanting to go to New Orleans for years. The history, the architecture, the jazz, the festivals, the people, the southern hospitality, the bayou, the voodoo, I could go on forever. I have a feeling I may really love this place.


How I have lived on the East Coast for 4.5 years and not made it up to Maine I have no idea, but 2018 feels like the year for coastlines, seafood, lighthouses and that other city that starts with a ‘P’.


I’ve been to Eastern Canada 3 (almost 4 times) in the past year, but I still haven’t made it to the ‘New York of Canada’. Now most of the Montréalers I know are not huge fans of TO, so that is always in the back of my mind haha, but I feel like I need to experience it for myself. After all the Infinity Mirrors exhibit is making an appearance there this year.


It’s not even because of ‘Game of Thrones’, it’s because of the fact that this gorgeous country has been on my bucket list for a while and I need to get out into nature. Kayaking, sailing, caves, wine, ziplining, horses, national parks, truffle hunting, the list of outdoor activities goes on and on. Time to avoid major European cities and get a little more active.


There’s just something about this place that looks magical – almost untapped. I told myself I really need to explore more of Canada. I’ve never experienced it in the Fall so why not head out into the wild in the Autumn for those epic fall foliage views?


I put the continent in general because there are multiple areas I want to go to. I am hoping to end the year either in the northern part in Morocco and Egypt, which by the way Egypt has been on my list since I was a child and seeing that ancient history in the flesh would blow my mind. Or ending the year farther south with a safari, a trip to Victoria Falls, and a fully immersive South African experience.


I’m also not ruling out this area of the world though! I have also been wanting to travel around Southeast Asia. Hopping through Vietnam, Myanmar, the Philippines and Indonesia would also not be a bad way to welcome in 2019.


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What do you all have planned for 2018? Something epic, something closer to home, something that has been on your list forever? Let me know in the comments!