Am I Officially A New Yorker Now?

Let me caveat this post by saying my posts will not be this long on the regular...they will mostly be photos on photos

I’m sure most people are going to say another LA vs. NY post? Yes, yes it is. But has it been done from my perspective? Nope. So here we go... 

I'm West Coast girl at heart, but after 3 years and counting it gets harder and harder to see myself moving back West. There is a reason people from all over the world dream about this city, including myself.

The people are one of the biggest differences between the East and West Coast. The standards of beauty are just...different. And sorry NY, but LA (or just CA in general) has hotter people. True, I have seen some very attractive men walking around the city (double-take worthy), but most likely they are not native New Yorkers. And for some reason many of them end up being European. 

New Yorkers...

  • Always have something going on, and are consistently "too busy" (doing only God knows what)
  • Brutally honest - don't take it personally.
  • Can be assholes. But I mean how else do you survive in a fast-paced city, that wants to bitch-slap you every time you turn the corner, that is overrun by tourists, and full of cut-throat industries?
  • Have a stronger backbone than anyone else - the city is your consistent reality check.
  • Always talk about leaving the city, but could "never live in LA" because they hate it.
  • Tend to act like the students in the cafeteria in Mean Girls. Sure you meet a ton of people, but once people find their "group" they are hesitant to let anyone else in.
  • Are literally on every, single dating app. This is why you see the same people. And yet, it's interesting how you come across so many people in relationships...
  • (Outside of the models walking around) New Yorkers do not necessarily rank high on the physical hottness scale. That is just not a top priority on their lists. 
  • The abundance of short men in NY is astounding. Why is NYC a magnet for Tom Cruise sized men?

Los Angelinos...

  • Are more chill than East Coasters (West Coasters are in general) - I vow to never lose my chillness.
  • Walk slower, smile more and are in general more friendly. But watch out, Mr. Hyde comes out in the form of road rage.
  • Completely supportive of living a healthy lifestyle. 
  • Think they're the shit just because they "live in LA," and no one questions the delusion. Not everyone is like this, but a lot of people are.
  • Can lack depth. When you meet new people do they want a genuine connection, or are you just another "business opportunity" to launch their career?
  • Somewhat schizophrenic when it comes to their work life. It's like they are serial casual daters (no bueno btw) - one minute they're in entertainment, then freelancing, then opening a pet spa, then being a life coach, etc. etc.
  • Always name dropping. True, this town is all about entertainment, but in reality no one cares. Name dropping is always going to happen, so you just deal with it.
  • Still trying to solve the mystery that is dating in LA. How do you even meet someone?
  • Are always saying they want to move to NY "one-day," as if it's only achievable by winning the lottery or something. 

Do I even need to address this?

In California it's...

  • A solid average temperature of mid-70s year round.
  • Almost always sunny. Except for you SF - don't kid yourselves it's more grey and foggy than it is balmy.
  • Feels like a permanent vacation - but the grass isn't always greener.
  • In a pretty serious drought right now [Insert monkey covering face emoji
  • Not one huge summer beach party. People that live in SoCal don't go to the beach as much as people may think. You want that life? Move to Hawaii.

In New York it's...

  • Like a woman going through menopause - one winter it's cold (maybe snows), the next winter we have a blizzard, and then 4 months later I'm sweating my balls off.
  • Guaranteed you'll experience the seasons. Fall colors and fashion are amazing (the PSL can be in so many cute Insta shots), summer activities are something to look forward to, and when it's cold outside you can always find a fireplace or head upstate to a cabin.
  • Central Park after a first snow fall is the most gorgeous thing you will ever see.
  • You get to have the fun of changing your wardrobe.
  • The beach is closer than you think - and we value it because it's not always beach weather.

This is probably one of the most obvious differences between the coasts. 

In Los Angeles...

  • You have to drive (everywhere), get car insurance, pay for gas and deal with the crazy/out-of-control system that is CA highways.
  • Drive 30+ minutes just to go 10 miles. Nopeeeee.
  • You can sing loudly in the car to the actual radio - but that is so not worth the living hell that is every, single, highway.
  • You can cruise along the PCH with the wind in your hair and some of the most beautiful road views in the US. 
  • But I will NEVER miss LA traffic - ever. 

In New York...

  • The subway is super convenient. I LOVE not driving.
  • You don't have to deal with parking, or road rage, or traffic tickets, or people who think they know how to drive (but really don't) - unless for some reason you live near the city and work in Long Island. 
  • Deal with the rats on the tracks. Whatever they gotta get around.
  • Also need to deal with rats potentially on the platform. Grossssss.
  • Will most likely walk through a station when it's hot as hades, reeks of piss, and there is a smelly homeless person using it as their shelter (they may have even left a nice little present of feces for everyone). 

In spite of all of this you could not pay me to drive in SoCal traffic ever again. So I will deal with arms in my face, manspreading and the "showtime kids".

In this rat race (pun intended) New York wins.


Los Angeles...

  • Makes a great effing salad.
  • Eating healthy is a way of life - and I miss it.
  • You cook for yourself more than you eat out.
  • People don't act shocked when you bring your lunch to work everyday.
  • Eating out tends to happen on "special occassions".
  • Does Mexican food better than anywhere else (outside of Mexico) - sorry Southerners TexMex is NOT Mexican.
  • In-N-Out [mic drop]

New York...

  • Makes great effing pizza, and bagels, and just carbs in general.
  • Will always provide a crazy amount of food options and food trends (i.e. the cronut, frozen s'more, birthday cake croissant, etc. etc.).
  • Will bring some of the greatest culinary minds to the masses - and has one of the best restaurant weeks hands down.
  • Will end up making you somehow spend 3/4 of your week eating out (or ordering food) - and at the end of the week your bank account and your waistline will be depressed and crying. I'll admit it though, when I first moved here I gave into the Seamless beast. I'm weak. entire post could be written on this topic. Soooo...


  • Not a weekly thing.
  • No judgement for having zero alcohol, or maybe just a mimosa or two.
  • The food will always be fresh, organic and most likely gluten free - but delish.
  • You may see a celebrity.
  • Your Instagram posts will be oh-so-pretty.

New York...

  • Definitely happening at least twice a month, probably weekly - I think you agreed to this when you signed your lease. 
  • If you want good drinks the food will be "alright".
  • If you want awesome food the drinks will be mimosas.
  • If the drinks aren't bottomless you ask yourself why you're even there in the first place.
  • ROOFTOPS - sorry LA you can't win here.
  • Your Instagram photos will probably include the hashtags #SundayFunday and/or #daydrinking.

But don't let all of the walking here fool you. The freshman 15 isn't something that only happens in college. 

There is a reason this is also part of a song.

Los Angeles...

  • Will most certainly do entertainment better than anyone else.
  • Is lacking somewhat in the variety of work you can do.
  • Are you obsessed with surf brands? Look no further than Orange County.
  • Do you want to be the next Ari Gold? Plant yourself in Tinseltown.
  • Have a tech boner? You guessed it, head north to the Silicon Valley. 

Side note: Does anyone realize how boring the Silicon Valley actually is? Is it not San Francisco people. The actual Silicon Valley looks somewhat like "The Valley" in thanks.

New York...

  • Inspires you like no other city can - just the thought of it makes people feel like they need to move here and can do anything.
  • Has numerous industries you can tap into. Finance, real estate, fashion, tech, publishing, travel, and yes, even entertainment.
  • Proves the saying "if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere" is true.
  • Is not as uptight in the workplace as people think. I live in NY and work in fashion, and 3/5 days of the week I wear jeans to work.

To quote Sex and the City, you move to NY to fall in love. Whether that is with another person, a new job opportunity, or the city itself, it's hard not to when you move here. 

California will always be in my heart. It's the place where I became an adult, was carefree and didn't have a stress in the world, where I could eat avocados all day, have nights in at home, and it was perfectly acceptable not to drink. I will always love going back to visit (I almost think I like it more now that it's a place to just visit). 

Maybe I will return one day. But for now, and for the unforeseeable future, NY has stolen my heart. And you don't just up and leave something that gives you butterflies. 

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    One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years.       - Tom Wolfe

One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years. 

- Tom Wolfe