Wine Up: Long Island Wine Tour

One thing I have always wanted to do since moving to NY was go on a wine tour on Long Island. I know West Coasters will be like, What, you can wine taste on LI? The answer is yes! 

I wish I was a baller and could hire a limo for an entire day of vineyard hopping - but unfortunately my friends and I currently do not have insane salaries, or side hustles to make this happen. Thank god for sites like Groupon, Gilt City and TravelZoo which make fun activities like this more accessible for all us plebs [aka plebeians].  

Over Memorial Weekend we decided to take a bus out 2 hours from the city for a full day exploring three different vineyards.

  • Waking up at 8am on a Saturday? Less than desirable situation.
  • Free drinks and snacks on the bus? Awesome.
  • Plenty of napping time? Even more awesome.
  • Spending an entire day hanging out with your friends while sampling some great NY wine? Duh.

The first vineyard we visited was Osprey's Dominion. The vineyard featured a tasting room, wine shop, gazebo bar and oyster truck. There are rows and rows of grape vines which provided the perfect backdrop for an impromptu Facebook photoshoot, and the vineyard even let us bring our own food. 

The second stop was at Duck Walk Vineyards. It's a popular vineyard known among New Yorkers, probably because it is something you will most likely pass driving to The Hamptons.

Duck Walk has a great tasting room which also includes a small shop. The bartenders are super friendly and there is a cute little gazebo right in front of the rows and rows of grape vines - another perfect Facebook photoshoot spot!

Our third and final stop was at Baiting Hollow Vineyards - which was my personal favorite. There was something there for everyone including two tasting bars, a small shop, food for purchase, live music and dancing.

Out of the three vineyards we visited that day Baiting Hollow also allowed us to bring a picnic. Which in typical form of my friends and I ended up being a feast, because we can never properly guess what we will actually need. 

Would I do this again? Yes. 

Do I recommend a wine tasting tour for people who both live here and are visiting? Definitely yes.

It may not be Napa Valley, but Long Island has got some great vineyards. And the fact that Baiting Hollow reminded me of Malibu Wines made it even better.